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TikTok Marketing for Brands: Tips and Tricks from Experts

Let’s start this blog with an idea of just how successful TikTok is. Since its creation, TikTok has become the most widely used platform for sharing videos. The app currently houses over 1 billion users globally. There are millions of influencers using TikTok to grow their brands and businesses. This means that with the right marketing strategy, you can build a following for your brand too. The key to staying successful on TikTok is posting relevant and captivating content that keeps current followers hooked while compelling new users to follow you. However, the process of finding out the best videos for your audience takes a lot of work. This blog is here to help you with four main strategies to keep in mind to grow your brand on TikTok. 

TikTok Marketing: Top 4 Tips 

Millions of people use TikTok actively daily, making it a major platform for businesses to market their products and services. With so many brands and users competing in the field, here are some top strategies to get you the best TikTok likes

1. Harness The Power of Free TikTok Marketing Tools

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Upgrading your account to a business profile on TikTok is completely free and very helpful. You get access to TikTok Insights, which gives you statistics such as impressions, data, engagement, etc. You can get an idea of the demographic of your followers such as age, gender, and location. You can also figure out when your followers are most active. Not to mention, Insights are not generalized, they give you specific insights for TikToks you made during the week. This can give you an idea of what your top most successful posts of the week are and the impressions you earned in that period. 

These free tools are priceless in terms of how they can help your brand grow. These tools give you real insight into how you can please your followers. The more knowledge you gain about how TikTokers interact with your TikToks, the more you can adjust your content for more engagement. 

2. Gently Attract Customers through Product Teasers

You can easily increase your sales for new products by using TikTok to post product teasers. If done correctly, TikTok marketing can help you gently bring in more customers instead of making them feel pressured. The key to selling products on TikTok is not being pushy because if you are too pushy, your followers will drop like flies. Product teaser TikToks are simple enough and increase excitement among followers. They market your products without appearing like you’re forcing products down their throats. 

For example, you can provide a link to your followers of the TikTok shop feature. Here, they can view a catalog of your products and your inventory. Clicking on an item a user likes will direct them to your website, where they can complete the purchase of the product. These ads work perfectly because they are the perfect amount of enticing. 

3. Create Sponsored Ads

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TikTok ads are becoming more common and helpful day by day. The key point to sponsored ads on TikTok is affordability. You can set an ad budget, and get your posts sponsored and boosted accordingly. You can use the carousel feature on TikTok to showcase multiple ads at once or opt for showcasing only one ad. This helps brands reach their targeted audience on TikTok in a completely new way. Before the use of sponsored posts, TikTok users could only follow your account to see new updates from your brand. But now, you can promote your new posts through sponsored ads so that they can reach your target audience. 

The key to making good sponsored TikToks is using engaging and captivating content that appeals to your targeted audience. You can even boost your most successful TikToks by turning them into ads, to attract more potential customers.

4. Harness the power of TikTok Stories

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Generating leads and customers has never been easier with TikTok Stories. Instead of appearing in the feed, TikTok stories appear directly above, giving a more exclusive feel. TikTok Stories come in a slideshow format, making them different from regular posts, but also making it easier to pitch your products through them. TikTok Stories can only be viewed for 24 hours unless they are sponsored. 

The main reason why TikTok Stories are so popular is that they have endless benefits. The first benefit is that they are displayed on the top of the app’s home page, which makes users gravitate towards them. A popular suggestion is using behind-the-scenes content to showcase what went into making your most popular TikToks. Stories are much more relaxed than regular TikToks, so you can truly have fun with them. 

TikTok also has many options for you to experiment with different kinds of content mixes in the Stories section, like live videos, short videos, photos, rewind videos, live videos, etc. You can also use graphic designer beginner tools like Canva to create personalized content for TikToks that your followers will appreciate. 

On the other hand, TikToks are a more permanent form of Stories as they are short videos of up to 90 seconds long that do not disappear after 24 hours. TikTok provides many built-in editing tools for your TikToks too. Check guide on video download.

You can easily tag other TikTok accounts in Stories, perfect for collaborations with other brands. You can use face filters, fun text fonts, and stickers to create funny Stories or TikToks. 

Conclusion: TikTok Marketing 

Social media marketing may seem overwhelming to beginners, but you can use these four strategies to make the most of TikTok marketing to get the best TikTok likes without spending too many resources. You can focus on growing your brand’s follower base and interacting with your targeted audience who are sure to engage with your posts and go down the marketing funnel to become customers. You can take advantage of tools like Insights and Google Analytics to truly keep a watchful eye on metrics and use them to your advantage. We hope this blog helped you understand the best TikTok marketing practices. 

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