High-Quality Truck Filters from Nippon Max 

Nippon Max is a renowned manufacturer of engine filters for leading Japanese automobiles like Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, and Nissan Diesel. The company’s products earned ISO certification due to their high reliability and durability. 

Nippon Max Product Range

Nippon Max specialises in making air, cabin, fuel, and oil filters. Here is an overview of high-quality truck filters from Nippon Max.

Air Filters

Nippon Max air filters have O-rings to handle the high temperatures experienced in Australia. They also have high-quality springs and filter elements to prolong filter life and increase service intervals.

Cabin Filters

Driving long distances on dusty roads can hurt your health, especially if done regularly. Nippon Max designs its cabin filters to ensure drivers are comfortable while on the road.

Fuel Filters

Nippon Max fuel filters remove particulate contaminants from the engine, improving fuel economy and increasing the lifespan of fuel pumps and injectors.

Oil Filters

Nippon Max oil filters reduce downtime by ensuring engine components are well lubricated. 

What is the Importance of Filters?

Using the right filter for your trucks is crucial to keep the engine in good condition and prevent damage. This applies to all filter types: air, fuel, and oil. 

Oil filters prevent contaminants from entering your engine’s lubrication system. As a result, the engine lasts longer due to reduced friction. When choosing an oil filter, it’s wise to consider type, size, and efficiency.

Air filters purify the air before it mixes with fuel to ignite the engine. When choosing an air filter, consider its type, size, dust collection efficiency, and airflow rate. 

Fuel filters remove the contaminants from diesel, ensuring proper combustion and extending your engine’s lifespan. There are several fuel filter types, but the most common are cartridge fuel filters, pleated paper filters, and spin-on fuel filters. When choosing a fuel filter, consider type, fuel flow rate, fuel pressure drop, and filter type.

When Should You Change Your Filter?

The type of truck your drive determines how often you need to change your filter. Generally, larger engines require more frequent replacements because they deal with vast amounts of air, fuel, and oil. 

However, the best way to know how often to change your filter is to consult the manufacturer’s guide, particularly the section on maintenance and warranty. Most truck companies recommend changing filters after every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Newer models allow you to drive for 6,000 miles before replacing your filters.

It’s worth noting that your vehicle will need more frequent servicing as it gets old. This is because the engine becomes less efficient, requiring more filtration to perform optimally. 

Other factors that affect filter replacement are driving style and weather conditions. If your style involves frequent acceleration and heavy braking, you’ll need to replace the filters more often. If your fleet plies long routes or passes through busy highways, you will likely replace filters more often than average drivers.

Regarding weather, extreme conditions usually take a toll on engine performance. As a result, you’ll need to replace filters more often. 

Whenever you change your filters, ensure you change the oil as well. This is because used oil saturates the filter medium and eventually lets contaminants through, risking damage to your engine.

Final Words

If you’re looking for authentic aftermarket parts, get your filters from Nippon Max. The company has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality and durable components. 

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