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Sunscreen is an integral part of the skin, largely determining a youthful, healthy appearance, without premature aging. However, there are many women who use sunscreen with clumping, making the finish on the skin unsightly and affecting the makeup. Whether you are just starting to practice makeup or have been wearing makeup for a long time, you will still wonder why applying sunscreen is clumpy.  So how to avoid sunscreen pilling?  How do apply to make the skin smooth and natural? Please refer to the article below.

Why is my sunscreen pilling is not anyone’s question. The phenomenon of clumping with the appearance of small round and bulging particles gathered in each area of ​​the skin, especially dry spots, makes the skin uneven and loss of aesthetics.

Why does Sunscreen Pilling?

Sunscreen Pilling

The cause of the clumping of sunscreen is usually due to the following main factors:

  • The composition of sunscreen contains Silicon and film-forming agents. These substances work in smoothing the surface of the skin but have the disadvantage of not being able to penetrate the skin. Therefore, when used in combination with other products, it will cause the phenomenon of layering and clumping causing discomfort. This not only makes the skin tight and uncomfortable but also clogs the pores, causing excess oil to stagnate, creating conditions for acne to develop.
  • As mentioned above, summer sunscreen products that contain film-forming agents often cause clumping when used with other products. Maybe, you use 2 products that are not suitable for each other, such as oil-based products (many) and water-based products (many). In fact, oil and water cannot dissolve together, so when they combine, they will cause separation and clumping.

For example, before applying sunscreen containing a film-forming agent (film forming agent), you use moisturizing oil. At this point, the process of using sunscreen clumping is completely possible.

  •  Due to each person’s skin condition: 

Using a clumpy sunscreen is also common in people with dry, flaky skin, not removing dead cells regularly and not moisturizing enough. When applying sunscreen on the skin, it is easy to create precipitates due to the combination of excess oil and dead skin cells; cause clumping, dry mold, uneven color.

The reasons that we give above will explain the question Why does sunscreen pilling, from which you will better understand this phenomenon.

Following are some ways to avoid the sunscreen from clumping when using it.

Instructions on how to apply sunscreen without clumping

How to stop sunsreen from pilling, in this part we will guide you.

1. Apply sunscreen about 15-20 minutes before going out

Use sunscreen
Use sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before going outside

Many studies have shown that your skin is very vulnerable from the first seconds of exposure to the sun. Therefore, sunscreen can work most effectively, you should use it 15-20 minutes before going out. This is the ideal number for sunscreen to effectively protect the skin and can help you observe the condition of the sunscreen on your skin and avoid clumping.

2. Pre-moisturize

The moisturizing step will create a very soft, hydrated skin structure, minimizing flaking and dryness. However, you need to pay attention to choose water-based moisturizers instead of oil-based, pat evenly and wait until the product is completely absorbed before using sunscreen to limit clumping on the skin.

This will be extremely necessary when you use sunscreen products that do not contain moisturizing ingredients. But now on the market, there are many products that converge on two factors: UVA and UVB protection + moisturizing. Therefore, you can choose them to save time in daily skin care.

Instructions on how to apply sunscreen without clumping

3. Use the right amount of sunscreen

To use sunscreen effectively, you should use an appropriate amount of sunscreen. There are often no detailed instructions on the dosage when using sunscreen products. Therefore, many women will lack knowledge about this issue. According to experts, the amount of sunscreen used will depend on the area of ​​skin that you want to protect. Specifically, it is:

  • If you apply sunscreen on your face, you will need about 1 penny of cream.
  • For the body, you can use the amount of sunscreen of about 3-4 coins.

Of course, this is also related to the tough area and the ability to penetrate the product on the skin of each person. It is important that you know how to apply just enough to make the skin feel comfortable, forcing the skin to endure too many layers of sunscreen can also cause clumping because the product does not penetrate the skin.

4. Apply sunscreen properly

Using clumpy sunscreen is also partly the reason why you don’t know how to apply it properly.

Take an amount of sunscreen about 1 coin in your hand. Then, you dot the cream into many points on the face, use your hands to pat gently, and blend evenly on the skin.

You should not apply sunscreen in circles or spirals. Because when we use our hands to apply and rub the cream in this shape, the cream will be cakey, clumpy, and make wrinkles on the skin. Besides, the circular motion of the cream will also cause the skin to clog pores, which can lead to acne.

5. Note makeup after using sunscreen

Note makeup after using sunscreen
  • If you have makeup, you must make sure the sunscreen is completely absorbed into the skin for 5-7 minutes before starting with makeup. This helps the sunscreen to stabilize on the skin, creating a barrier to protect the skin from makeup and minimizing clumping when applying powder and foundation.
  • You need to make sure the foundation layer has been evenly covered on the skin.
  • Do not rub too hard when applying foundation or powder.

Hopefully, through this article, you already know why does sunscreen pilling when using and how to stop this situation. Hope you will have a smooth skin to confidently score points in the eyes of others.

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