VW wants EU emissions standards delayed to 2026

BERLIN – Volkswagen called on Thursday for the implementation of new EU emissions standards to be pushed to at least autumn of 2026, slightly over a year later than planned, with the aim of all new cars meeting the standards by autumn 2027.

The carmaker could meet this timeline provided the law comes into force in mid-2024, giving carmakers two years’ notice to begin implementing the planned standards and three years to cover their entire new fleets, Volkswagen said in a position paper.

European Union countries and lawmakers will negotiate the “Euro 7” proposals this year on tighter limits for car emissions and for heavy-duty trucks and buses, including nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

European carmakers are fighting back against the proposed emission regulations they argue are too costly and impossible to implement at the speed the European Commission expects.

Still, the Commission argues the measures are needed as soon as possible to cut harmful emissions while combustion engine cars remain on the road.

Expecting the new norms to be implemented from July 2025 would lead to a production halt for many models over many months across Europe, Volkswagen said in its position paper on Thursday.

Other aspects of the regulation like limitations on the tiny particulates from brake and tire wear should be delayed, Volkswagen said, without providing a date.

“Several years of lead time are needed,” the statement said, pointing to a lack of suppliers or industrialised production of tyres meeting the new requirements.

Reporting by Victoria Waldersee, Editing by Friederike Heine and Emelia Sithole-Matarise

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2023-04-15 19:04:33

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