Top 10 Female Instagram Influencers to Follow

Instagram, it is a highly popular & successful social media platform with over 1 billion+ active monthly online users. It is because of it that today, the brands and businesses are leveraging influencer marketing for creating the money-making campaigns, reaching more people, increasing brand awareness, etc. Even for the influencers, both male and female Instagram influencers, it is a perfect platform to express oneself by being an influencer and connecting with the followers in the right way.

For those unaware, Instagram is actually a platform that’s female-led. There are many more women influencers than there are male influencers. According to Statista, amidst the sponsored content creators, 84% are females, while the rest 16% are males. It might be a surprise, but with opportunities being given, women are ranking on top, and they are becoming an inspiration for all. But who are these female Instagram influencers? Do we know them or their names? Well, yes, we do know a few and if you read the below-mentioned information, by the end of it, you will have at least one out of top 10 female Instagram influencers to follow who you might have heard of.

Top 10 Female Instagram Influencers to Follow

To be inspired there isn’t a need for a well-known name, but one must never forget to celebrate the accomplishments of those who are doing better in the field? So, if you, too, are looking forward to some amazing social media influencers, this list is your answer.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
(Photograph: @selenagomez/Instagram).

Selena Gomez is one of the known personalities with the highest number of Instagram followers. Gaining her fame through acting, modelling, music and other skills, including being an influencer, she is known to have a considerable effect on her followers. She uses her fame and influence to create positive changes that are needed in this world. She even ensures to connect with her fans through social channels. Probably, this is why companies pay her up to $800k for the Insta post, and they trust her with her personality to connect with the audiences as needed.

2. Kylie Jenner

Top Female Instagram Influencers to Follow: Kylie Jenner
(Photograph: @kyliejenner/Instagram).

Kylie Jenner is another one of the 10 female Instagram influencers to follow, if you want to have more women influencers on your Instagram account. Named by Forbes as the youngest billionaire in the world, Jenner is not just influential but has a fan base massive enough to call social media her empire. Further, brands profit from each of her posts, which she supports and as per analytics, each of her ads is worth more than 1 million dollars. The best thing is that she owns a calibre to do more and have more, and in the coming days, she will stay on top.

3. Zendaya

Best Female Instagram Influencers to Follow: Zendaya
(Photograph: @zendaya/Instagram).

As an American singer and actor, Zendaya began her career as a backup dancer and a child model. She became famous through a Disney sitcom titled Shake It Up. Later, from acting as a producer to being a part of a huge franchise like Spiderman, she has outdone most actresses in Hollywood. She is an inspiration and an influence on many young girls who plan to do and try more in their lives.

4. Taylor Swift

Female Instagram Influencers to Follow: Taylor Swift
(Photograph: @taylorswift/Instagram).

After her Eras tour, one might be totally non-existent on social media to not know about her. As a songwriter and American singer, Swift has a fan base from around the world. She, on today’s date, is one of the most influential social media influencers, with an Instagram following of 274 million followers. Not to forget, she is also a best-selling artist who has given record-breaking singles. So, to not put her on this list would have made it just incomplete.

5. Kendall Jenner

Top Female Instagram Influencers: Kendall Jenner
(Photograph: @kendalljenner/Instagram).

Kendall Jenner is one of the highest paid influencers on Instagram who makes $15.9 million through her account, which is more than her sister, Kylie. In truth, she is the 3rd most-paid Instagram celebrity. She is even a successful model and the brand ambassador for the ad campaigns of Estée Lauder, who has been using her powerful fanbase to create wealth and do right by the brands.

6. Bella Poarch

Female Instagram Models to Follow: Bella Poarch
(Photograph: @bellapoarch/Instagram).

Bella Poarch, originally named as Denarie Bautista Taylor, is an American social media personality and a U.S. Navy veteran who created the most-liked video on TikTok. Despite her difficult childhood, Poarch created a fanbase and a life of her own that can take her away from her past. Professionally, Bella Porch signed up for a record deal in 2021 with Warner Records. Her singles released since then, have been like a fan-favourite just like she is on all social media platforms including Instagram. She is one inspiration for anyone stuck in their past, unable to get away. So, to not be on her Instagram, following her life and work, it’s a loss for us all.

7. Ariana Grande

Lifestyle Influencers: Ariana Grande
(Photograph: @arianagrande/Instagram).

Among social media influencers, she is considered as the millennial generation’s Mariah Carey. Her work has gained recognition and won many awards. However, what influences her fans the most is her dedication towards work, which has got her songs to be in the top 10 of the charts in the United States. As for the rest, while continuing to grow, she has always been respectful towards her career and fans.

8. Sofia Vergara

Top Female Social Influencers Of The Moment: Sofia Vergara
(Photograph: @sofiavergara/Instagram).

A Colombian-American actress, Sofia Vergara is a model, a TV personality, and a businesswoman too. She is well-known for her work in Modern Family, an ABC sitcom. Her career and her outstanding performances have earned her to date 4 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards. Not only this but her appearances and her career in films have also been appreciated by people who love her for what she is: a highly versatile woman. Today, she is quite popular and a successful actress from Hollywood who is ranked among the most beautiful women in the world (Forbes and Times magazine). She is one true role model known for her positive attitude and her amazing work ethic. Now, if this isn’t something her fans need to pick on, then what would be?

9. Beyoncé

Top Instagram Models to Follow: Beyoncé
(Photograph: @beyonce/Instagram).

Beyoncé is a personality on its own. From being a performer to a singer, actress, songwriter and more, she is the most nominated woman for Grammy Awards. People follow her for her work and she just gives her best in each of it and never forgets to keep her account updated. Probably, this is why brands and people trust her and her inspirations.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Victoria Beckham show in Paris
(Photograph: @kimkardashian/Instagram).

Kim Kardashian is another one of the celebrities who gained her popularity through Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Following the footsteps of Kylie Jenner, her half-sister, she unveiled a beauty label called KKW Skin.

She is very popular on the internet & has never failed to gain the interest of her followers, and media. It is with it that in just five years, she increased her followers from 40 million to 183 million, making her an influencer who lets people know what makes a personality tick.

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Final Words

Knowing about the above-mentioned 10 female Instagram influencers to follow, we hope you found at least one to follow and know in-depth about what makes them best within their field. Just remember, in social media’s time, we don’t know who is going to be the next best thing. It can even be you. So, if you have plans to do something, begin today and do better. Make sure to research and then do better, and do not forget to choose the right influencer and follow their footsteps will help you a lot.

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