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NATA mock test: Architecture aspirants, who are not know how to perform better way in NATA exam must practice Mock Test. Actually, NATA mock test will be published by Council of Architecture (CoA) on their official website, This is the best way to became pro efficient for NATA exam pattern and syllabus by practicing nata mock test online or offline with collecting sample question papers.

Every candidate must include nata practice test and sample papers in their exam preparation program. To perform better in national aptitude test in architecture, aspirants should practice nata mock test as many as possible times. And this hard work will better prepare you for NATA exams.

NATA Mock Test,

NATA Mock Test Online Practice

Let’s see most important points for nata mock test perform,

Access NATA Mock Test

Below mentions step by step guide to access mock test for exam,


You have to visit official website and select the NATA Mock exam link. This action will take you to new page where you can enter your login credentials to take NATA mock test.


After sign-in, kindly go through the given instruction carefully without skip it. These are basic instruction for NATA mock test online perform.


After reading carefully all instructions, you will click next button to start NATA mock test. Next window will explain NATA exam pattern and other syllabus details. All students are advice to go thoroughly with exam pattern, marking scheme and other exam components.


Now, click on “I am ready to Begin” button for start NATA mock test. To take the NATA online mock test, you should follow the guidelines provided earlier. Also, keep in mind that mock test window will automatically close after the timer turns out. After completing test, candidate will be able to check their marking score.

NATA Mock Test General Instructions

The time duration of NATA mock test is 2 hrs. and 15 mins. A clock will show remaining time on your computer screen. The exam will auto conclude once timer goes off, you did not complete it any way.

Also, on the right side of the screen, a question palette will appear, shows the state of each question, as explain below:

  • Gray – Not visited the question yet.
  • Red – Not answered the question.
  • Green – Answered the question.
  • Purple – Not answered but marked for review.
  • Purple with Green Circle – Answered and marked for review to be considered for evaluation.
  • Purple with Tick Mark – Marked for review but not considered for evaluation. (No marked for this)

Navigate to Next Question

Students must follow below mentioned steps,

1. To open next question quick, click on the number of question in the palette on the right side of the screen. You must not that this action not store the current question’s response.

2. To save the answer to the displayed question and move on to next, click “SAVE & NEXT”.

3. To save current question’s answer and mark it for later review, click “Mark for Review & NEXT”.

Navigation through Sections

1. NATA mock test sections will be showed on the screen’s top bar. By click on the section name, you can access the questions for that section. The current or live section is displaying highlighted.

2. When you click on the “SAVE & NEXT”, button on the last question of any section, the system is instantly redirect to the first question of the next section.

3. During the NATA mock test, you can shuffle between any sections and questions at their convenience during the allotted time.

How to Answering a Question

Here is the process for answering a multi choice type question in NATA mock test as below,

  • To select an answer, click on the proper option’s button.
  • To deselect the already selected answer, click on the option’s button again or on the “Clear Answer” tan.
  • Click on the button of another choice to change the current selection.
  • Click the “Save & Next” button to save the answer.
  • Select “Mark for review & Next” tab to mark the question for review.
  • To change the answer to a previously replied question, first choose it for answering and then choose the answer you think is correct.

Know more about NATA Exam,


Importance of NATA Mock Test: We are seeing how this test is important as well good support for your preparation. Mock test actually gives clear vision to your actual NATA exam, and prepare phytologically. By solving mock test, students will able to increase their speed, accuracy, confidence and productivity. Also, mock test will help students to know their weak areas and give direction to prepare it. Hope this entire article help you in your NATA Mock test journey.

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