List of SUVs capable of minimum fuel consumption 

minimum fuel consumption 

For a long time, SUVs are by far the most popular vehicle type, although their big size reduces their fuel economy.  When you purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle, you are doing your part for the environment as well as saving a significant amount of money over time. When it comes to fuel economy or minimum fuel consumption , an SUV is not a preferred option. However, SUVs have improved through time, and most recent models are relatively fuel-efficient if we go ahead and compare them to their predecessors.  Also, efficient SUVs for long trips are what catches the attention of many potential buyers.

Those with more technology working in their favor to reduce minimum fuel consumption– cylinder deactivation, direct injection, low-friction engine components, improved tyres, and so on– are more fuel-efficient SUVs. The two most essential factors that may make an SUV more fuel-efficient nowadays are innovative systems and technology. 

The most fuel-efficient SUVs are listed here minimum fuel consumption  , grouped into three categories:  plug-in hybrid, hybrid, and petrol. 

The Best Fuel-Saving Hybrid SUV’s- minimum fuel consumption 


Ford Escape Hybrid (41 mpg)

Its shape is aerodynamic, allowing the hybrid powertrain to achieve a combined fuel economy of 41 mpg. The lowest trim levels should not be overlooked because they are overpriced for their low quality.

Lexus UX (40 mpg)

It has a low weight and height, making it as athletic an SUV can get. You’ll have a wonderful urban automobile if you enjoy the company’s distinctive aesthetic language and can ignore the engine’s rough functioning.

You’ll have a wonderful urban automobile if you enjoy the company’s unique aesthetic language and can ignore the engine’s rough functioning.

 Toyota RAV4 (40 mpg)

The RAV4 has imposing aesthetics and a long list of models designed to appeal to a wide range of buyers – if you stick to the mid-level models, that are neither underpowered nor overpriced.

Toyota Venza (39 mpg)

If you’re prepared to give up some of the RAV4’s practicality in exchange for a sportier look, what accommodates you is the Toyota. Whereas, the Venza, has a design that lowers inside space and is not supported by its driving capabilities. 

Honda CR-V (38 mpg)

Honda’s take on this SUV features a large cabin and good quality materials, but it looks like all of this has decreased its performance. Although the hybrid powertrain improves the economy, the batteries restrict baggage capacity. 

Lexus NX (32 mpg)

The NX is larger, older, and larger than the Lexus UX, giving it a more adult appearance. But, its maturity causes it to reveal its age. The NX powertrain prioritizes fuel efficiency over everything else.

Lexus RX (30 mpg)

The RX appears to be ideal for those who desire an edgy look for show but yet want a traditional, comfy family car on the interior. Even with the F Sport package, the hybrid arrangement prioritizes fuel efficiency above sportiness. 

Best Plug-in Hybrid SUV’s to Save Money on Gas


Ford Escape (102 MPGe)

Ford’s current lineup provides your preferred automobile in a variety of engine options, allowing you to strike a balance between the selling price and annual fuel costs. The Plug-in Hybrid variant consumes the least amount of petrol.

Toyota RAV4 Prime (94 MPGe)- minimum fuel consumption 

It’s impossible to resist Toyota’s crossover in this generation, with its attractive look, proven durability, commendable equipments, and cutting-edge plug-in hybrid arrangement that produces 302 horsepower. 

Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in (90 MPGe)

The plug-in hybrid powertrain, like the previous generation, considerably improves Crosstrek’s fuel efficiency. Nonetheless, the total range is just 17 miles, which is insufficient for a daily commute.  

Lincoln Corsair (78 MPGe)

When a fuel-efficient variant combines a plug-in hybrid engine, CVT, and all-wheel drive to make the Escape’s platform more complex – but not to the level of its rivals in Europe.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (70 MPGe)

It is not new and hence not the most efficient. While it still gets good mileage, you should save your money and look for the next model.

 BMW X3 (60 MPGe)

With so many sedans, this model follows BMW’s legacy and provides quite an unusual dynamic behavior, especially given that it is a larger and bulkier model. The range of an all-electric vehicle is 18 miles.

Volvo XC60 (57 MPGe)

The Volvo XC60 has a stylish appearance, a well-equipped interior, and a combined power output of 400 horsepower. Even though the XC90’s younger sibling isn’t as polished, the tech features it offers are intriguing even if it isn’t in Polestar trim.

Lincoln Aviator (56 MPGe)

Consider it a more adaptable Navigator. This translates to a stylish exterior, a luxurious interior, and a ride that is comfortable. However, the hybrid powertrain’s lack of refinement puts it below its European rivals.


SUV Cars with Best Mileage in 2022

Nissan Kicks (33 mpg)

The Japanese model drives more like an urban hatchback than a conventional SUV. FWD and CVT only, lightweight platform, simple build, everything in this place was designed to conserve gas. At the very least, all of this efficiency is accompanied by an attractive exterior design. 

Kia Seltos (31 mpg)

In need for extra space but don’t want to invest heavily on petrol, Kia’s newly launched model is a good option. The attractive appearance is combined with two four-cylinder engine options. It also has a tech-savvy feature list that is ideal for younger generations. It does not become significantly thirstier as a result of AWD. 

Chevrolet Trailblazer (31 mpg)

Chevrolet makes it known that efficiency and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive. However, you must pick either sportiness or style: both of its smaller engines are sluggish, especially when compared to the bilk weight of the higher trims. 

Honda HR-V (31 mpg)

The HR-V  promotes the Fit as the most practical alternative of the pack. The attractions here include the spacious interior, ergonomic cabin, and fuel-efficient motor. Also, remember that a whole new launch is on the way.

Nissan Rogue (31 mpg)

The newly launched version debuted with a beautiful, boxy design that positions it as the brave contender in the small class, where it competes against the Jeep Compass and Toyota RAV4. But, it still remains an ordinary SUV in almost every other way.

Subaru Crosstrek (30 mpg)

Subaru upgraded the Impreza hatchback with a more affordable off-road package. It has it all: a comfortable cabin, a well-rounded design, and an economical powertrain – also a plug-in hybrid version if you want to save even more gasoline.

Hyundai Kona (30 mpg)

It is indeed possesses traits of Seltos, but the Kona’s exterior design predicts why they cohabit peacefully: the Kia is known for its  toughness and intimidating quality, while the Kona is nimble and energetic. It continues to be enjoyable while driving on tight roads and while refueling.

Subaru Forester (29 mpg)

The Forester proves to be more Subaru-like: more daring, more practical, and, considering that it is one of the few company’s oldest nameplates still in use, more conventional. Keep a watch out for the facelifted 2022 model.

Picking a fuel-efficient SUV model necessitates consideration of several factors. For the most part, the most efficient alternative is a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but it is also the most costly. Models that run on gasoline are less expensive to purchase, but they will cost you a lot every time you need to refuel. As a consequence, the hybrid powertrain appears to be a promising compromise. 

Once you’ve decided on those criteria, you’ll want to look at the various models because each one excels in a different area: comfort, design, equipment, and value. Make certain that a match is unique to each individual.






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