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Chances are you’ll typically hear the phrases “assault”, “battery” and “aggravated assault” when referring to somebody inflicting hurt on a unique particular person. Crimes that contain somebody getting attacked bodily are labeled as both assault or battery, whereas in some circumstances, they are often labeled as each. Nevertheless, many individuals use the phrases interchangeably, not understanding what makes them totally different.

Let’s check out these 3 forms of offenses so you may differentiate between them.


Assault refers to a state of affairs when somebody is making an attempt to hurt one other individual deliberately. By definition, assault is an act that’s intentional and makes one other particular person both concern imminent bodily hurt or assault. It doesn’t have to contain bodily hurt to the opposite particular person, although.

For the assault cost to be made, one will need to have the intent behind their motion. One may even simply barely contact the opposite individual in an offensive and impolite method for it to rely as assault.

In some states, there are totally different levels of assault. There may be first, second and third-degree assault.

One instance of assault is when two individuals who previously had a battle stroll previous one another on the road, with one carrying a knife. Merely strolling previous one another just isn’t assault. Nevertheless, hastily, the knife holder swings their knife within the different individual’s route, trying to chop their pores and skin or stab them. The opposite individual is ready to dash away and keep away from an harm. Nevertheless, the knife holder has dedicated an assault on this case.

An assault is a misdemeanor offense. Somebody who’s charged with assault will both get a nice or should be imprisoned in jail for as much as six months.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a extra extreme type of assault the place a lethal weapon is concerned. A easy cost of assault turns into aggravated assault as quickly because the offender has no concern for one more particular person’s life.

So, aggravated assault is one thing that might result in extreme bodily crime or the intent to commit a criminal offense that could be very severe – rape, as an illustration.

Somebody who drives inebriated or medication could also be charged with aggravated assault because of the potential of injuring different individuals severely. It is because the driving force may have inflicted extreme bodily injury by working a motorcar.


Battery refers to a state of affairs the place an individual finally ends up harming one other individual. So, if a person threatens another person, however then the state of affairs escalates they usually really hurt the opposite individual, it’s thought-about battery.

What Does “Battery and Assault” Imply?

Assault and battery are usually separate. Battery is the kind of offense the place the perpetrator bodily harms one other particular person. So, it’s thought-about an “assault” that was accomplished.

Battery has to incorporate allegations of an precise altercation. If an individual was shoved by another person however the perpetrator missed, there can’t be battery legal expenses. An assault cost may apply, although.

Can You Legally Defend Your self If You Are Charged with Battery of Assault?

In case you are charged with assault or battery, you may problem this cost with a authorized protection. One can rent legal protection attorneys to assist show that they didn’t commit any crime.

With protection, an individual will be capable of dismiss or scale back their legal cost. This could be arduous to do with self-representation, although, which is why an skilled lawyer can be mandatory.

4 methods might be used to defend in opposition to assault expenses. So, the individual may declare that they had been falsely accused, that they didn’t commit the crime willfully, that they acted in self-defense, and that they didn’t attempt to use pressure.

Just like the case above, there are 4 totally different defenses that might be efficient when charged with battery. You might declare that you just didn’t act willfully, that you just didn’t contact the opposite particular person, that you just had been charged or stopped with no trigger, or that you just tried to defend your self.

The Backside Line

Assault and battery are utilized in related contexts by many individuals, with plenty of people considering that they imply the identical factor. In actuality, assault, aggravated assault, and battery are totally different phrases.

Whereas assault includes a risk of hurt or a bodily act that results in superficial accidents, battery includes the bodily altercation that ends in accidents. In case you are both a perpetrator or sufferer in such a case, you must know the distinction.

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